Nbb Clearing Services Agreement

A compensation agreement in Dutch is concluded with respect to the clearing of obligations between the issuer, the NBB and the agent on 14 November 2011 or around 14 November 2011 (the “compensation agreement”). CBF has an “X” account at NBB. See tax services in other services. The SEC and NBB have taken time to improve their ability to exchange information on these new Euroclear Bank services. This market link guide represents Clearstream`s efforts to streamline our deposit network and improve our asset service and collateral management services in the new T2S environment. The specifications apply to CBF, CBL and LuxCSD customers, unless otherwise stated in the documentation. The addendum, the initial 2001 agreement and other cooperation agreements with other authorities died from: www.nbb.be/en/financial-oversight/prudential-supervision/coopera…. The OneClearstream service level provides customers with a single point of access to all T2S markets with comprehensive instrument coverage. This will be complemented by a complete harmonization of asset services and connectivity channels between CBF, CBL and LuxCSD. Nevertheless, the Board of Directors of NBB decided to ask NBB`s supervisory board to conduct an assessment of the NBB-SSS against CSD-R. At the end of March 2018, the NBBSS was reviewed and the results of this evaluation were published in the 2018 Financial Infrastructure and Payment Services Report.

Qualified investors who exercise their option to sell by conducting such an exercise with a paying agent in accordance with the standard procedures of NBB, Euroclear or Clearstream, In Luxembourg, instead of checking a change in put Exercise Notice control with an intermediary, it is also recommended to check when the relevant securities settlement-delivery system would receive notifications in order to effectively meet the deadlines for such an exercise. The “time of settlement” of transactions is determined by Belgian law at the time book entries are made in the books of NBB-SSS. Book entries in NBB-SSS are irrevocable and enforceable. Securities settlement transactions are conducted on the T2S platform and are reflected in real-time in the books of NBB-SSS. The billing of the DVP`s cash bone and other instructions are executed on the T2S platform on accounts within the legal scope of the RTGS active on T2S.

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