Representation Agreement Ra7

5. A person designated as a monitor in a representation agreement must complete the certificate of a monitor in the prescribed form. 15 1. A representation agreement enters into force on the date it is executed, unless the agreement provides that it or a subsequent provision 7 (1) in a replacement agreement provided for by this section authorizes its representative to assist the adult in making decisions regarding one or the other of the following: 2. , to enter into a representation agreement consisting of one or more of the standard provisions approved in Section 7 , or amending or revoking any of these provisions, amending or revoking all relevant factors, for example. B: 8.1. An adult may enter into a representation agreement consisting of one or more of the standard provisions authorized in Section 7, although the adult is not in a position, (c) the representation agreement, amendment or revocation of one of the provisions means that the agent can make or make decisions about the adult; 3. Where an alternate representative is appointed, the agreement states: 2. Where a representation agreement or provision is not effective or invalid, any exercise of the power conferred on a representative by the agreement is valid and binding in favour of a person who did not know and had no reason to believe that the agreement or provision was not in force or was not valid. 3. Those referred to in subsection 2 are not present together at the signing of the representation agreement and one or more of them may sign in return.

(b) in accordance with the provisions of Section 13 of this Act, as amended by section 35 of the Adult Guardian Statutes Amendment Act, 2001, if the agreement had been executed on or after the date(4) To be designated as a monitor in a representation agreement, a person must be at least 19 years old and be prepared and able to perform the duties and exercise the powers of a monitor. (c) if the representation agreement appoints more than one representative, but each can act independently, at least one representative. (c) the court authorized the payment of remuneration at the request of the designated person in the representation agreement as a representative, substitute or observer. (c) the establishment, use or revocation of a representation agreement or any change in a representation agreement are clearly contrary to the wishes, the current values, beliefs or interests of the adult who entered into, revoked or amended the agreement, 24 (1) If an agent acting under the power conferred by a representation agreement does not know and could not reasonably have known that the agreement or provision is not in force or is not valid , the representative (c) of a credit union or trust company as long as the jurisdiction of the credit union or trust company does not cover health care or personal care under the representation agreement.

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