How Do You Say Prenuptial Agreement In French

That is why I advise you to stick to the fundamental purpose of the marriage agreement and choose the plan that best suits your couple. Then, once that has happened, if you want to add things, you get the help of an excellent lawyer and define the arrangements that you believe will help you as a couple and as a family, including dealing with a possible divorce. Well, no marital agreement or matrimonial regime will ever properly deal with the issue of divorce, because it is not, in essence, a matter of resolving disputes arising from a separation of bodies in advance. The marital system is often the subject of a great misunderstanding and people do not understand what it is doing. People almost always have the marital agreement related to divorce and therefore want the marital agreement to address the consequences of divorce. While it is true that a well-written marriage agreement facilitates the division of assets and debts, including in the event of divorce, it is not really designed for that. This legal document deals essentially with only one central theme: “WHO OWNS WHAT – WHY?” TagsAmerican marrying French national prenuptial agreementAmerican marrying French prenupcommunauté reduced to acquetscommuna universaldifference betweenJean Tacquet legal advicelegal advice marriage and divorce in France in franceprotecting your assets marriage in Franceséséséation of property community reduced to acquire on the contrary, I have strong objections to this, Write things, for them to be too specific. Theoretically, the idea is excellent and would avoid many quarrels. But as happens, this institution does not really work with international marriages, because the consequences of divorce (and the implantation of after-effects) vary considerably from country to country. This means that the matrimonial agreement could make excellent arrangements for a country annulled by lawyers or judges from another country. And yet, if the rules are so vague that they fit all kinds of legal systems, they are probably not worth writing. This problem can quickly become a huge box of worms with international weddings. In any case, you should absolutely avoid signing two marriage contracts – one in England and the other in France – as the risk of conflicting provisions in the documents is high.

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