Service Agreement Developers

The execution and support of Developer-Hosted PC Game/Software. You are responsible for all hosting, provision and associates services necessary to provide and activate your pc game hosted by the developer or software. You will notify us at least 60 days before a pc/software game hosted by developers is discontinued. You agree that the royalties you have to pay under the agreement and any revenue you receive from the purchase of items sold by developers (defined in section 3a of this calendar) constitute full and comprehensive compensation for all hosting, delivery and other services you provide or provide in connection with the sale and execution of your pc games/software hosted by developers. Only for PC software – Marketing Development Funds/Coop. If you or any of your related companies are part of an agreement with Amazon from time to time under which you (or your partner) have agreed to pay development marketing funds, discounts, discounts or similar payments (together “MDF”) for the physical version of a PC software, then you also pay us equivalent MDF for the PC software distributed under this agreement. We can charge you for payments due with the amount of MDF you have to pay. The rights are reserved. Subject to the rights granted in this Agreement and our ownership over the program materials that exist between you and us, you retain all rights, titles and interests on and over your content and devices.

Subject to your rights to these content and devices, we reserve all rights, titles and interests of the program, program materials and any other technology, content, information, services, trademarks and other intellectual property titles used in connection with the program. All goods or goods of a company related to the use of the brand characteristics of a party (or its related companies) under this agreement will be reserved exclusively for the party that owns such trademarks. We are free to exercise all rights to proposals, ideas or any other feedback you give us about the program or programmatic material, without restriction and without compensating you. With the exception of our in-app purchase API, you cannot purchase digital products, content or services for access or use within Amazon`s Underground app on your Amazon Underground app or add content to your Amazon Underground app that allows end-users to calculate fees related to your Amazon Underground app. If your Amazon In-App app contains in-app products, these in-app products are available for free to end-users and you do not collect royalties for the purchase of these in-app products by end-users. Program requirements. You must meet the requirements of the alexa Voice Service program that are in We may limit the use of certain AVS materials, including limiting their use in certain devices and applications. If your AVS products exceed certain usage thresholds, your continued use of AVS materials may be subject to additional conditions. If you wish, you will give us adequate access to the systems, hardware, software and datasets related to your AVS products or AVS components, as well as your use of AVS materials, so that we can verify your compliance with this Agreement. Structure of the agreement.

This agreement (the “agreement”) includes the content of the agreement below and all the timetables of the agreement (“timetables”). However, the terms of each calendar only apply to you if you participate in the activity or if you use the program media (defined in section 3) for which the schedule is applicable (for example.B. the terms of the distribution plan only apply to you if you submit a covered product for sale, distribution or promotion).

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