Telstra Corporate Services Agreement

Our client conditions, formerly known as Standard-Vertragsform, contain conditions under which we provide products and services to home and family customers (residential, commercial and government customers and Telstra wholesale). Telstra will attempt to notify a customer before Telstra terminates or suspends customer services if reasonably possible. However, the non-rescission of a client has no bearing on such termination or suspension. Plans that are no longer available as new services. For each service, you are a corporate customer if you are a company that has purchased your service primarily for commercial purposes and who has had the opportunity to negotiate the terms of your contract with us or if you have an annual expenditure of more than 20,000 USD with us. Providing connectivity through its own networks is a much higher margin than through a wholesale network, and Sanjay Nayak, Teltra`s global connectivity and platform product manager, said providing services via its own fibre optics would remain a priority. If you are a corporate customer, these Terms and Conditions apply to you. All Telstra Internet Solutions and Telstra Wholesale Internet Customers (“Customers”), including customers who are downstream suppliers, are required to comply with this usage policy as part of their agreement with Telstra for Internet access services (whether general terms, customer relationship agreement or wholesale agreement) (“Customer Agreement”). You`ll find Telstra`s AWS terms and conditions on (which are not part of our customer conditions) “Where we have fibre optics, we absolutely want to maintain fibre-optic services. Where we don`t have fibre optics, we`ll look at the possibility, and if NBN has already built fibre optics and we can have a customer connected fairly quickly, it`s economically wise to absolutely want to take advantage of this investment that NBN is making.

And in other circumstances, we can choose to build our own fiber,” he said.┬áNo one likes the feeling that he is locked up, that he is trapped, that he has no choice. We really want to be behind our services and our product and make sure that our customers are with us because of our services, our reliable networks, not because we have handcuffs. (d) in a way that may affect a customer`s service, Teltra`s Telstra network or equipment, another person`s network or equipment, or Teltra`s provision of services to a customer or other person; DOT (Digital Office Technology) TM Prices and plans that are no longer available for sale to new or existing customers who wish to reassign or add new services.

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