Tesa Agreement

The controversy is due to differing interpretations of an agreement negotiated between the United States and Germany in the 1990s on the status of contractors. Since that day, Adair and his lawyer have been fighting for the return. They argue that Adair should never have paid taxes because an agreement between the United States and Germany exempts U.S. military personnel, Ministry of Defense personnel and most civilian contractors from payment of German income tax. Has anyone applied to contractors who have won offers and are waiting to launch their own TESA process? I did some research and read on a website that the TESA process could take up to 18 weeks. It seems long to keep someone waiting. Although few people are involved in the dispute, the U.S. military is concerned that the litigation could set a damaging precedent that would prevent U.S. civilian contractors from working abroad and complicate U.S. military relations with its German hosts. Adair and his wife began packing shortly after the visit for a move to the United States. But they did not leave before paying the debts that the court owed to him.

When they moved out, they paid nearly $300,000 in income taxes to the Kaiserslautern office. The large sum has financially paralyzed the family. To get by, the Adairs immersed themselves in their savings. KAISERSLAUTERN, Germany — John Adair remembers the day he wrote the “biggest cheque of my life.” I was wondering if anyone was in a similar situation to me. I applied for a company that won a contract, and they told me that they were waiting for the TESA to be approved by the government to send letters of offer to candidates to launch the TESA application. That`s why the air force and the army are so interested in this case. There are 400 civilian contractors working to assist the U.S. military in Germany and are considered “technical experts.” Harshman estimates that 10 or more of them could be affected by the verdict because they have been living in Germany for some time.

Look at the detailed help from DOCPER: wr.acpol.army.mil/dcops-user/ John Adair, who is now in Langley, Va. against the German government for the restitution of nearly $300,000 in income taxes. “His case is based solely on duration,” he said.

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