Wise-Stock Broker-Agreement.pdf

We will only extend the granting of credits if your equity in the securities and other properties in your margin account and short account is at least $2,000, or as large as what might be required by current rules or regulations or by our house guidelines. This minimum margin may differ from the minimum amount required to open your account. If Schwab receives a request to distribute your account, Schwab will generally process the application within two or three business days (unless the distribution is related to an unusual event such as death or divorce, in which case it usually takes longer to process the application). On the same day that the processing is completed, the amount of the distribution will be debited from your account. The distribution test is written and sent the next business day. You accept and acknowledge that Schwab will receive interest from the date your account is debited and ends on the date the cheque is submitted for payment, the date of which is outside Schwab`s control. If you wish, Schwab provides you with an oral update to determine the status of your current distribution controls. You authorize Schwab to make deposits, withdraw cash, or purchase and exchange securities in accordance with the eligible cash feature you have designated or the cash function accounted for on your behalf. Arbitration – You agree that any controversy that may arise between you and a third-party information or search provider and their senior executives, directors, affiliates and collaborators will be resolved through arbitration proceedings in accordance with the terms of the arbitration agreement (s) upon opening your Schwab account and in the amended version from time to time. They acknowledge that all support data relating to a non-public guarantee presented to Schwab is used exclusively for Schwab`s internal operational purposes. Schwab undertakes not to verify or assume responsibility for the conditions or contents of these documents, including, but not limited to, adequacy or adequacy, ownership restrictions, transfer rights, financial accounts or adequacy of disclosure or compliance with applicable laws, rules and regulations. Any audit conducted by Schwab is intended exclusively to determine their ability to maintain and serve the unlisted warranty.

Such an audit should never be considered a recommendation to purchase, sell or maintain the warranty. Securities professionals cannot use research reports in their business – If you are a broker, trader or investment banker by soliciting or receiving research reports, you agree not to use these research reports for purposes related to your business. Charles Schwab – Co., Inc. is a member of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA).

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