Child And Family Services Collective Agreement

The employer shall inform each of the workers referred to in a communication referred to in paragraph 1 that he must work during the stoppage of work in order to maintain essential services. An employer other than the Government of Manitoba must indicate to the union, at the opening of the negotiations referred to in paragraph 1, which of the employer`s essential services must be essential services for the purposes of the essential services contract. Upon the coming into force of this division, a trade union and an employer with less than 90 days remaining of their collective agreement must enter into negotiations for the purposes of paragraph 1 as soon as reasonably practicable. In order to facilitate the negotiation of an essential services contract, communicate to the trade union a communication containing the information that the employer should provide in a notice referred to in paragraph 7(1). No person or union may, in any way, prevent or prevent an essential services employee from preventing or preventing him or her from complying with this Act. This law prevails over any other law and regulation, any collective agreement, arbitration court or other arbitration award, as well as any obligation, right, right, agreement or agreement of any kind. (a) the classification of workers who must work during the stoppage of work to maintain essential services; Notwithstanding other laws or provisions of the last collective agreement, the remuneration and benefits of workers in the field of essential services must comply with the temporary conditions during a stoppage of work until the date of entry into force of a new or amended collective agreement. Employees considered essential agents of services In the case of the Government of Manitoba, the services listed in the schedule are declared essential services. If you would like a hard copy of your collective agreement, please speak to your steward. If you don`t know who your steward is or how to reach your contact, contact the CUPE office near you.

`fixed-term working conditions` means the terms and conditions of employment of workers which existed on the day following the expiry of the last collective agreement; (“temporary conditions”) If the union considers that essential services with fewer employees than the number set out in a notice in accordance with subsection 7, paragraphs 1 or 3, can be maintained, the union may apply to the Manitoba Labour Board for a change in the number of employees in each classification who must work during a work stoppage to maintain essential services. . . .

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