Commercial Agreement Plc

Our multi-specialist approach allows us to advise you in all areas of trade agreement practice and much of the work we do in this area is multinational in nature. In this context, we can advise you on the potential impact of Brexit on your existing and proposed cross-border trade agreements concerning EU territories, including strategies to reduce risk and preserve contractual value. IWG, the global operator of leading co-working and workspace brands, through its critical long-term master`s agreements with TKP Corporation (TKP), which establish TKP exclusive rights for the use of: (i) the REGUS, SPACES and OPENOFFICE trademarks in Japan; and (ii) the REGUS, SPACES and HQ trademarks in Taiwan. Our leading commercial agreements and strategic purchasing practices have extensive experience in all forms of contracts and commercial agreements. Daily assistance for more than 10 years in labour, trade and property law. £4.5 million in Series A investments as well as ongoing and business employment advice. Daily business advice and contractual support from 7 European branches in major customer transactions. GSK entered into two critical distribution agreements with Hindustan Unilever (HUL) that underpinned GSK`s sale of Horlicks (and certain other health and nutrition food brands) to Unilever. Franchise of the activities of 59clubs in South and Southeast Asia. Our contractual solutions are tailored to the circumstances of your respective transaction and organization. We start your new projects without prejudice on the “right track” of implementation, but with a pragmatic and flexible approach that relies on our broad and diversified contractual experience. RsA Group on its strategic agreements for the outsourcing of long-term, transnational and inter-supplier IT infrastructures.

Marks and Spencer plc, with respect to all of its franchise and joint venture activities in the UK and overseas. IP license, cooperation and reseller arrangements advice for more than 4 years. . . .

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