Usc Housing Living Agreement

Summer accommodations are available every year, from shortly after the beginning of May to the eve of autumn check-in in August. A separate application is required. For more information, see the Summer Housing section in the Application and Attribution menu. Over the Counter (after moving in) From 9 September, redistributions via the switch can be requested at Housing CSCs. If a location is available to meet your housing needs and permission, you can be reassigned on site. During the academic year, there is no redistribution list. Further information on reassignment will be provided in early September. Residents who have the right to stay at a university institution beyond the end of their contract are charged a fee of USD 75 per night for each authorized night, which will be spent the night after the end of the contract. Students who have been allowed to prematurely register their residency orders are charged a fee of $75 per night for each night before their contract begins. (2) Transfer students and new PhD students are offered after assignment in place after the offer of accommodation to all those registered on the UHR waiting list. Personal and contact information Here you provide us with the information we need to determine which accommodation is right for you, z.B. Your class status, marital status and any specific needs we need to take into account when assigning. (Please register with the Disability Service if you require special accommodation.) We are not able to guarantee accommodation for transfer students or new PhD students.

Allocations for these candidates are made on the basis of the date of submission of applications and availability. List of residential preferences You must list five housing preferences (four if you are applying for accommodation with higher education graduates) in order of interest. You can check the building descriptions in the Living at USC brochure or in the Accommodation Options section of the website before entering your preferences. You can update your settings until time allocations have been made. Roommate selection (optional) If you want to live with a particular person, you need to form a group of roommates. You can add this person to your application by typing their screen name or 10-digit USC ID number. To be considered, your applications must be reciprocal, your residential preferences must be exactly the same, and you must apply in the same category. Requests for colocation cannot be guaranteed.

Once you have been assigned accommodation, you will be notified by e-mail. You can then register on the accommodation site and check your order and accommodation contract. Whether you are a new student or not, please select the program you are interested in on the special interest page of the application….

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